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Modernize your healthcare record with Intersog’s Electronic Health Record services. We offer industry-proven expertise to help you seamlessly transition from paper to digital record.
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Why Intersog?

Intersog is an EHR software development company based in Chicago and offering top-notch eHealth solutions to clients worldwide. With over 15 years of industry experience, we help you hire world-class developers fast and offer top-notch EHR software solutions.

Industry Expertise

Intersog is a multinational EHR development company that offers custom made eHealth solutions that help modernize your facility.


We offer reasonable hourly rates helping you save up to 40% on the total project cost and hire EHR software developers fast.

Fast Recruitment

We guarantee fast recruitment and give you our very best developers who are ready to hop on your project in a matter of weeks.

Global Outreach

We are a software development provider delivering digital transformation across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Why is EHR Important?

Electronic Health Record development plays an important role in the overall improvement of the healthcare system; it reduces the amount of manual paperwork, increases the security of patent data, helps practitioners to better manage said data, and saves tons of time by simply being more convenient than traditional paper records or cluncky spreadsheets. Timely adoption of EHR is critical for the efficient functioning of any medical facility, which is why you need to consider getting EHR software development consulting services.

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What We Offer

Software Development


We offer EHR software development consulting services to help our clients figure out the best way to achieve their digital transformation goals. Large scale changes, especially the ones involving huge amounts of patient data, are never easy but our experts have the skill and knowledge to make that transition as seamless as possible.



Intersog is a global talent powerhouse of 250+ developers who can become a part of your team in a matter of weeks. We give you a selection of our best experts with proven industry expertise, and you can choose the ones you like. Each developer we offer comes with a trackable record of experience in EHR and reporting program development, so you can be sure they know what they are doing.

Safety and Security

Software Development

Once the team is ready to go and all of your project specs are properly established, we start developing a custom EHR system that fully encompasses the unique needs of your healthcare facility. Whether you run a large public hospital, a private clinic, or a small highly specialized clinic, we develop a solution that will help you keep track of all the interactions with the patients, their history, prescribed medication, surgical procedures, and all the small details regarding the treatment.

Simple Deployment


We offer support and maintenance services to make sure your software solution function flawlessly throughout its life cycle. It is essential to make sure your EHR system functions perfectly over the years and that all the accumulated data is safe and sound. That is why we keep on supporting your system for as long as you need it.

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Our EHR Advisory and Development Stages

​Assessment of practice readiness
​EHR implementation planning​
​Preparing for EHR development​
​Building the team
​Scheduling EHR implementation
​Achieving meaningful use

Assessment of practice readiness

This assessment allows us, as your EHR app development company, to determine whether your healthcare organization is ready to make changes from paper records to EHRs or whether your current EHR system needs upgrade to a new certified version. At this stage, we envision the future of your EHR use, and set SMART goals. The ultimate outcomes are:
  • Assessment report to better communicate the change to your organization’s leadership
  • Designation of an internal team responsible for EHR implementation within your healthcare organization (clinical and practice management staff)
  • Measurable and realistic goals of EHR implementation

​EHR implementation planning

At this stage, the Intersog® team makes the following steps:
  • Analyze and map out your healthcare organization’s current workflows and processes
  • Create new workflow patterns with consideration of how EHRs will enable them
  • Create a backup plan to combat issues that may arise at EHR implementation phase
  • Create a project plan for transitioning from paper to electronic health records
  • Identify specific data elements that will have to be entered into your new EHR system (e.g. patient demographics or provider schedule information)
  • Identify possible security and privacy concerns and create a plan to address them

Preparing for EHR development

At this stage, we make the following steps to deliver superb ehr software application development services:
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of your EHR development team to be set up by Intersog®
  • Server options (e.g., Intersog® server, SaaS / Cloud server, your organization’s server)
  • Backend integration with your other existing software products
  • Privacy and security planning
  • Usability and UX design

Building the team

At this stage, Intersog® recruitment consultants screen and shortlist candidates that best match your team profile and submit them to you for interview. After the interview, you choose specialists to be placed to your project team. We employ Agile and other methodologies to ensure fast ramp-up stage and team being up to speed in a very short time frame.

Scheduling EHR implementation

In conjunction with your Product Owner, your Intersog®-managed team will create a chart abstraction plan and data migration plans, compliance with Meaningful Use objectives and EHR training plan for your internal staff.

Achieving meaningful use

In eHealthcare, Meaningful Use is referred to the use of certified EHR technology with the goal to achieve health and efficiency goals. Meaningful Use envisions solutions that satisfy the following objectives:
  • Solutions are able to improve quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare services
  • Solutions engage patients and families
  • Solutions improve care coordination and public health
  • Solutions ensure EHR privacy and security

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Efficiency and Expertise

Intersog is a custom EHR software development company located in Chicago, USA, offering cost efficient solutions that help you manage your patient data fluently and without redundant paperwork. We give you tangible results and unparalleled quality.


With Intersog, you can get yourself a full team of developers at a reasonable price and within the shortest time. Depending on the size of the team, you can get your project going in as short as two weeks. You no longer need to waste months of your precious time headhunting the developers.

Industry Expertise

Intersog has been around for 15 years and we’ve amassed unparalleled industry expertise that allows us to tackle any challenge with confidence and laser precision. We build robust and agile software solutions that can be later modified, improved, and updated depending on your growing needs.

Strong Partnership

We offer more than just a code, we offer a strong and reliable partnership that gives you confidence and improves the functioning of your healthcare establishment. We are more than just a software development outsourcing company, we are a trusty partner who genuinely strives to help your business and your patients.

Standards We Adhere To

  • ICD-10
  • HL7
  • CCD and more
  • Global Talent Outreach

    Intersog is a Chicago-based company with offices across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

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