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Why Intersog?

Intersog is a provider of top-notch custom software across continents and industries. We’ve been working in the eHealth domain for years providing EMR software development services to clients worldwide, and we guarantee flawless product delivery on all of our projects.

Unparalleled Expertise

Intersog is a talent powerhouse of more than 250 developers ready to deliver tangible results on projects of any complexity level.

Cost Reduction

With our team of the world’s best developers, you can cut the development cost by up to 40% saving your budget for other needs.

eHealth Solutions

We are a team of EMR software developers with a long history in developing eHealth solutions for a number of clients across continents.

Global Outreach

We work in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and Ukraine providing you with the world’s best eHealth software developers.

What Is EMR Important?

Electronic Medical Record solutions are meant to standardize and organize the patient and population data in a digital format. EMR plays a significant role in the overall modernization of the healthcare system around the world as more and more hospitals abandon the old and tiresome paperwork for a more efficient digital record. EMR, thus, is an important step in the overall progress of your healthcare facility allowing you to provide better patient care.

Success Stories that Inspire Action

Intersog leverages its expertise and tech stack to deliver solutions of unparalleled quality.
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Workout and Health Monitoring App Development for iOS and Android
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Services We Offer

eHealth Consulting
Fast Recruitment
Software Development
Support and Maintenance

eHealth Consulting

We offer professional EMR software development consulting services that include a profound analysis of your current IT ecosystem and the needs of your facility, mapping out your digital transformation, and figuring out the right set of solutions that would benefit your clinic in the long run. Large-scale changes require a great deal of planning for electronic medical records development, which is why it is essential for us to start by building a proper understanding of what is going on in your organization right now and what goals you want to achieve.


Fast Recruitment

Intersog is a global full stack EMR development company that houses the world’s best developers who can join your team in a matter of weeks. We hire fast to get your project going without any delays. We have over 250 developers here at Intersog and each of them brings real value to the table and each of them has industry-proven expertise to get your EMR system going fast and without frictions.


Software Development

Once the team is all set and ready to go, they start developing your new EHR system based on the intel gathered during the consulting stage. We guarantee open communication and transparent cooperation that allows you to maintain full control over the development process at all times. The EMR application we’ll develop for you will help you improve your patient record quality, streamline business processes, and improve the efficiency of the healthcare services you deliver.

Simple Deployment

Support and Maintenance

Once the development process is over, we will help you maintain the proper functioning of the EMR system throughout its life cycle. Whenever you need any improvements on your system, its functioning, or interface, we will be here to make all the necessary adjustments. We guarantee full maintenance and support for the solutions we develop for you so that you can be sure everything is going to work smoothly through the years.

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​Our Development Process​

Requirement Gathering

We start by figuring out exactly what you need and deciding which tech stack suits you best. Each project is unique in one way or another, which is why we select programming frameworks that suit your particular situation. We form a strong understanding of what you want to achieve and give you the right set of solutions to make that happen while saving time and money. Requirement assessment is a multilayered process that requires an open in-depth research to allocate the resources and outline the development timeline.


We develop a solution that perfectly matches your needs and includes all the features you need to maintain a proper patient record. At this point, each ERN developer has a set of tasks and milestones to achieve, and the entire team works on creating the solution that satisfies your current needs and accounts for the potential growth in the future. We guarantee the quality of the product we develop for you, which leads to the next aspect of our development process.

Quality Assurance

To make sure the solutions we develop for you are up there with the industry’s highest standards, we run frequent tests throughout and after the development process. We run automated and manual tests to eliminate all the possible flaws and prevent bugs. Developing custom solutions involves lots of from-scratch coding, which means that testing is paramount for the quality of the final product.

Efficiency and Expertise

Intersog is the EMR system development company with more than 15 years of industry expertise offering top-notch solutions that help you improve the quality of your patient record, resource management, and overall efficiency of your facility.

Cost and Time Efficiency

We hire and develop fast helping you save tons of time and a considerable portion of your project budget. We can get you a full team of developers in a matter of two to four weeks thanks to our wide outsourcing network around the world. You do not need to waste months trying to find and hire an EMR developer for your project; instead, you can contact us and we will get you an action-ready team fast and at a reasonable hourly rate.

Industry Expertise

Intersog has vast experience in delivering top-notch eHealth solutions to clients across the continents. As the EMR software development company, we’ve been working on a number of custom mobile and desktop solutions that helped our partners improve the quality of healthcare services and maximize the efficiency of their facilities while saving time and money. We are ready to help you achieve your goals too.

Reliable Partnership

Intersog is more than just a vendor – we are your new reliable partner who is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals and provide better care to your patients. We cherish the opportunity to work in the eHealth domain as it allows us to truly influence people’s quality of life and bring value to thousands of patients around the world, and we are genuinely excited to work on the new projects that can help your patients.

Global Outreach for Your Success

Intersog is based in Chicago, USA, with offices across the Americas, the Middle East, and Europe.

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