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Ignition Impact is astounding! It is almost instantaneous. Ignition from Inductive Automation is a software development platform with database integration, networking architecture, component libraries, tag management, SCADA design, hardware integration, decision support, monitor and control systems; all built for plant level to mobile support.

Intersog delivers Ignition impact with optimal user experience and development expertise; building Ignition solutions for data driven decisions, RPA tasks, automated workflows, real-time controls, alerts and much more.


Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a strategy for optimizing investments and transforming business processes by leveraging technology to deliver consolidation, innovation, automation and visibility. IPA envelops Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. IPA enables high volume, rules-based automation with equipment, software applications as well as human machine interactions.
With Robotics Process Automation (RPA) automate repetitive tasks to increase productivity and accuracy. The Ignition framework provides high level to granular visibility, flexible reporting, schedule alarms (notifications) and reports to address real-time and strategic planning initiatives allowing you to operate 24/7, deliver data, learn from it and continue to evolve the automatic mechanisms of response. Boom! More Ignition impact!
For our Industrial Automation clients, we support facilities that have invested in varying types of equipment with OPC-UA based PLCs (Allen-Bradley, Omron, Siemens), Modbus, UCP, TCP and DNP3 protocols.


Industrial Automation is not the only automation lift for Ignition. You can automate audit and compliance processes as well. Drive regulatory compliance with:

  • visibility and centralization
  • timely corrective actions
  • automated reporting
  • monitoring dashboards
  • automated workflows for approvals and handoffs
  • action alerts for non-compliant systems

Whether the requirements for compliance are internal or external, layered or linear, a robust and integrated compliance engine adds quality control, efficiency, ease of use and timely access to data with notifications.


Ignition from Inductive Automation streamlines industrial automation with their library of built in drivers for SCADA and HMI systems. This results in quick use of machine data to create control, monitoring, alarming, historical trends and reporting functions.

Built-in Ignition drivers include: Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron and others working with the OPCUA protocol.

If you currently have UPC-UA based equipment already in operation, we can easily build out your SCADA platform to advance your automation and data acquisition potential.

If a deeper dive of operational transformation is needed, we have partners in Advanced Robotics, Environmental Services, Manufacturing Operations, Track and Trace and Warranty Services to name a few.


Any data currently residing in your systems can easily be ported into a web-based, fully responsive, mobile first design dashboard that drives daily decisions. Automated workflows, focused monitors and mobile controls make keeping the operation optimal easier than ever.
The Ignition platform is device and database agnostic. Regardless of number of end users or client interfaces, the Gateway network can tie all disparate systems together to unify data, create better trends reporting and enable enterprise reusability.
Let our experts help you drill down to identify what measures are needed to improve visibility for split second and long term decisions.


Working with existing API’s or building custom API’s, Intersog can integrate with any existing data sources. Ignition has built in database connection utilities that make it easy to bring visibility to existing data sets. We can combine any types of ERP, disparate systems, homegrown applications, etc. Ignition is plug and play for the most common SQL databases.

Tying together data sources, creating single sources of true and leveraging these definitions across a global enterprise is ideally suitedfor the Ignition Gateway!

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