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Our QA experts use the best practices and technologies to ensure the quality of your software development project and its timely and efficient implementation.
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Why Intersog?

We provide IT Quality Assurance services to clients around the world to ensure the flawless functioning of your IT ecosystem. Our QA experts assess your third-party software as well as any solutions we develop for you for superb performance and maximum efficiency.


We leverage a diverse tech stack and experience to solve your problems and test the quality of solutions on the go.

Maximum Value

By delivering QA testing services, we ensure the superb quality of your product, which translates into maximum value.


Strong relationships are built on transparency and trust, and we offer fair and reliable conditions of cooperation.


Our QA experts and engineers can test and scale your product up improving its quality and expanding its functions.

Why Is QA Important?

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development process as well as it is critical for maintaining the proper functioning of your IT ecosystem. If you don’t have QA experts in-house, it might be a good idea to hire IT quality assurance services company to assess and support your software. Outsourcing such technical tasks has become commonplace among modern companies and Intersog is a leading quality assurance company you can trust with such a task.

What We Offer

We run both manual and automated tests and check every component of your software to eliminate possible issues. Our QA experts will develop a software testing strategy that will work for your business and bring guaranteed results.

Mobile & Web

Front-end /

API Testing


Functional Testing

Black box testing that helps verify whether the code function is compliant with requirements and a web/mobile app works properly and satisfies user needs. Functional testing implies ignoring the internal parts of your web/mobile app and focusing on the output generation.

Unit Testing

White box testing that aims to verify that the implemented unit is producing expected output against given input. Typically applied for small units of code with individual functions.

Integration Testing

We combine a group of software components to produce output, and then we assess the interaction between software and hardware. For example, we can verify this way whether the payment system was integrated properly into the software or not.

Performance Testing

Allows us to measure how your web or mobile application meets performance criteria (including speed and reliability), compare several systems to define which perform better and detect general performance failures.

Regression Testing

Performed to protect your application against further failures and avoid any regressions caused by changes deployed to the functional or non-functional areas of a system, such as patches, enhancement or configuration/environment changes.

Security Testing

We perform security testing to make sure your software architecture, web or mobile app are well protected against phishing, cyber-fraud, DDoS, malware, adware and other threats that can kill your product.

Full-Cycle Testing by Intersog

Basic Features

Basic Features

That is a basic testing strategy designed specifically to assess the functionality of your software. Depending on your goals we develop a testing strategy, run tests, identify problem areas, and find solutions to address those problems. Our QA experts excel at identifying problem areas and efficiency bottlenecks to later eliminate them using cutting-edge technology and world-class engineering talents.



Intersog QA experts run manual usability tests to make sure your customer’s interaction with your product feels satisfying. We run an all-encompassing analysis to identify potential errors, define any possible inconveniences and confusing elements in the design, and tackle all the performance flaws. We determine all the potential errors and performance flaws to later help you deal with those issues.

Safety and Security


Cybersecurity is essential in modern day and age, and our experts will run a comprehensive analysis of your system to identify its vulnerabilities, understand where the breaches are possible, and find ways to improve your application’s security. We test the strength of your cybersecurity solutions to make sure your application is safe and secure.

Simple Deployment


Our QA experts will run tests to determine your product’s full compatibility with a scope of different devices, operational systems, browsers, databases, and hardware. As a QA services company, we offer a wide range of services, and we help you be as versatile by testing your product’s compatibility. Being an agile business means being able to adapt and change, and there’s no better way to be agile than to have a versatile product that fits most systems.

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Intersog QA and Testing Services

Custom Teams
Versatile Testing
Testing Automation
Embedded Agile
Full-Cycle Development


It all begins with professional consulting services that help us build a strong partnership as well as a reliable QA strategy that outlines all the tools and frameworks we will use during the testing process. It is critical for us to understand what we are working with and where we are going to, and with a clear understanding of our common goals, we can guarantee full control over the testing process. We also share our ideas on how to achieve success fast and without redundant spending, which would also benefit your business in the long run.

Custom Teams

We quickly gather a team of developers that feels and works like an extension of your in-house team. Intersog is a global talent powerhouse located in Chicago, USA, that helps in recruiting professional teams of QA experts and software developers who can get your product from the ideation stage and up to the final delivery. Taking all of your specs and requirements into account, we gather a team of top-shelf experts who will provide quality engineering and assurance services for your company.

Versatile Testing

Intersog has the technical expertise to execute web QA testing, SaaS, Native app, Cloud, Server, and Hybrid app testing automation. Intersog helps you deliver unparalleled quality to your customers and boost the performance of your product on any platform. We give you a full scope of services to make sure you have full control over your product be it web app, native app, hybrid app, website, database, or any other kind of product.

Testing Automation

Automated testing might not be as reliable as manual testing but it sure does save lots of time. Paired with human testing, it can be much more efficient and precise, which is essential for any quality assurance services provider. 与开发团队一起工作, our QA experts can create and integrate the Unit Test Execution Bench that helps minimize extra time and effort spent on testing. Such solutions give developers more control over the quality of the product.

Embedded Agile

Agility is integral to any business these days, which is why outsourcing has become such a huge thing in recent years. QA IT services provided by Intersog offer you flexibility and freedom your business needs to deal with ever-changing challenges. The best idea is to partner with a reliable and agile development and testing company that can ensure the quality of the software offering a professional talent pool and tech stack. We offer an agile testing model that encompasses all the development aspects and helps us find and eliminate all the possible issues.

Full-Cycle Development

Intersog has been delivering high-quality software testing services across industries including banking and financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment, and many more. We do not just test software, we consult companies on the best solutions to use to achieve their business objectives, develop top-notch software, test that software, and support it after the development stage is over. We are a reliable partner you need to achieve the best results, and we genuinely want you to succeed in your digital transformation.

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