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What is a Software Development Cost Calculator?

The question of how much does it cost to build software is one that bothers technical officers facing the need for digital transformation across industries, and as tough as this question might be, there can be a simple answer here.

Intersog has been driving innovation across the IT domains for over 15 years and you could tell we’ve seen it all when it comes to software development projects, big and small, simple and complex. Knowing all the variables involved in the software development life cycle as well as in all the preparation and post-production works, we decided to trim off all the redundancies and make a neat and simple solution that would answer your question in just a couple of clicks.

How Does It Work?

The cost of software depends on a wide variety of factors, one of which is the cost of hiring a development team. That is where our Calculator comes in handy helping you determine the cost to hire a software developer or an entire team of developers depending on their expertise, location, and seniority level. So, if you need one or more Python developers, you can just punch your requirements in and get the price tag.

Enter Your Location

This is an intuitive and straightforward solution that allows you to get a pricing estimation in a matter of minutes. The first thing you need to do is pick your current location from the list of countries, though our system most likely would determine your location automatically.

Choose a Preferred Team Location

You can choose from four options: Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Ukraine – the four main locations we operate in. Your choice might depend on your location and whether you want to outsource your project to the team nearby or you are comfortable with offshoring it to the team on the opposite side of the globe. 

There’s a difference between onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring, and you will have to choose depending on your preferences and business goals.

Create Your IT Team

Next, you should choose the number and the qualifications of the developers you wish to hire. You can now choose from a selection of positions like Data Scientist, Security Specialist, UI/UX Designer, Developer, Product Manager, and more.

You can also choose from a number of programming languages and frameworks like Python, JavaScript, C/C++, PHP, and a vast number of alternatives. Intersog offers you a talent pool of 250+ developers who specialize in all sorts of domains, so you have plenty of choices here.

After you’ve selected the areas of proficiency, you can add the required number of developers to your team. Change the number of developers for each required area of expertise according to your project needs.


The next step is choosing the urgency of recruitment. Just let us know how much time you have on your hands. We have three main options here: 

ASAP – used for when you need a team of developers within just a couple of weeks. If you need a single programmer or a small team, we can provide them to you in a matter of days. Even if you need a large team, we can get it to you in as short as two-week notice.

1-2 Months – this is an option for when you already have the project timeline established but can afford some time to spare. 

Take Your Time – this option fits the projects that are only entering the ideation stage. You have the project idea and some rough understanding of what kind of team you would need but are not in a hurry just yet. We can start slowly building up the team in accordance with your requirements and get it ready by the time you need it.

How We Estimate the Cost?

You are ready to calculate the cost of software development having the price of hiring the team of developers figured out. Of course, the team is not the only thing you will need money for as the software development life cycle involves additional expenses along the way. At the very least, though, you know what the recruitment itself would cost you, so that’s something.

At this point, you might be wondering how much does it cost to make a software program. Intersog has the answer for that too, though this answer might not be so simple. There are many factors that influence the price of software and might change your total project budget dramatically.

What are the Cost Factors?
Other than the cost of hiring developers, you need to consider the cost to create a software program, and though both of those are intertwined, you must know the different factors contributing to your budget. Some projects are small and cost several thousands of dollars to get from start to finish; the others are big and complex costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where you fall on that wide range depends on your business needs, so let’s take a closer look.
Does Software Type Matter?

The type of software used throughout the development process will influence the price estimation for your project. Some development platforms, languages, and frameworks function on a paid basis. This means that you have to buy the right to use it either as a subscription or a one-time payment. Such platforms as Salesforce or Microsoft SQL work on a paid basis, so you cannot just go for it and use it for free. On the other hand, there are languages like Python and PHP that are open source and totally free to use for anyone.

Additionally, the type of software you yourself want to develop will define the pricing too. Some types of projects, such as video game development can be notoriously expensive, often costing companies millions of dollars, so you have to keep that in mind. Other types of software, simple app with limited functionality are much cheaper to develop, so you can go for it for just around $20,000.

In our experience, there haven’t been two projects that are exactly the same as every client and every business have their own needs. That is why it is only possible to put a price tag on your project its specs are clearly defined. And we help you with that too. You can contact our consulting experts to figure out the scope of the project and see how long it would take to develop your intended solution and how much it would cost to launch it.

Does Software Size Matter?

We’ve mentioned single-screen apps as being relatively cheap to develop but that is not always the case. Take the FIDO app we’ve worked on as an instance - there are only several screens and a limited number of features, but all of them require fast, complex, and secure data processing. Such applications might look small, but they pack much more than meets the eye. FIDO app uses Big Data to collect, parse, and analyze data from hundreds and thousands of clients simultaneously, and it takes time and effort to make sure it functions the way it was intended.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are applications that contain lots of screens. Take the SAM Learning educational service we developed a couple of years back - it has hundreds upon hundreds of screens of learning material, but most of these screens contain similar features and are only different in terms of content. Nonetheless, the number of screens is often used as an indicator of the project’s size.

The size of the software is commonly determined by the number of screens with small apps being under 15 screens, medium-size apps under 40 screens, and large-size software going anywhere from 40 screens and above that. The approximate prices for each type are as follows:

It is natural that the more screens your app will have, the more software development would cost, and you have to keep that in mind whenever you approach the new project. Of course, the complexity of the screens will play its role too, and the more complex your application’s features are, the more time it would take for the developers to implement those.

How To Determine Software Complexity?

Software complexity is a set of specific characteristics and features in the code. The complexity of the software is reflected by the complexity of the code, and there are several ways to measure the complexity of the software in managed IT services. This can help you figure out the price of your software and see why certain features are more expensive than others.

In most cases, you can measure your software’s complexity by using a cyclomatic method. This method measures the number of linearly independent paths throughout the code and can be measured for each particular snippet of the entire code. The cyclomatic complexity of the software measurement usually happens through the control flow graph that represents all the possible paths for your code loop. After certain calculations, the complexity can be boiled down to a 1 to 10 rating.

To put it simply, if your code lands somewhere within the 1 to 4 range, it is rather simple. If it is somewhere around 5 to 7, it is a moderately complex code. And anything up to the 10 mark is a complex code. In case your code goes beyond that 10 mark, it is better to fix it right away. Any code that is too complex is a bad code, and it is better to avoid such a high cyclomatic complexity.

There are alternative ways to measure the complexity of the code and tools that help the developers see how simple or complex their code is. Producing a complex yet stable code takes tons of time and effort, which translates into more spending on your side. The complexity of the features directly corresponds to your requirements.

What is the Time-to-Market?

The longer it takes to develop the software, the more it would cost. Each hour of work equals spending for you, and the more complicated your application is, the longer it would take for the developers to get it going. Knowing how long it would take for your team to deliver the final product is paramount for calculating the budget for the entire project.

With every project being inherently unique, you need to know exactly what kind of product you are shooting for and what features it would have. That way we can give you a precise timeline for the development cycle and tell you exactly how long it would take for us to develop that software for you. With all the variations from one project to another, it is simply impossible to include all of the factors in a single software development calculator. 

What we offer instead is a professional software development consulting. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will tell you exactly how long it would take to see those ideas come to fruition. 

We’ve worked on hundreds of projects of all sizes and complexity levels, and we know how long it takes to develop all the possible features and how much time different parts of the software development life cycle take.

On average, the software development life cycle (SDLC) can be divided into the following parts:

  • Requirement Assessment and Roadmapping – 2 to 4 weeks;
  • Architecture and Design – 2 weeks;
  • Development – 3 to 9 months;
  • Implementation – 4 weeks;
  • QA Testing – 4 to 6 weeks;
  • Market Launch – 3 weeks and more.

All of these can be changed and adapted to your needs. Some of the larger projects involving complex solutions can take years to finish and some of the smaller projects can be finished in under a month. Of course, to be sure your project is going according to plan, you need to have enough developers on your team. The number of developers, however, is a tricky thing to define as more does not always mean better.

How Many Developers Would Your Need?

The thing here is that hiring more developers does not always mean you’ll get faster results. There has to be a balance and you must hire just enough developers to ensure optimal performance and timely delivery on each milestone. Web Application development is a rather delicate process that requires a high degree of managerial control, so you cannot just throw two dozen developers into it and wait for the results. This is where less can actually be more.

It is necessary to define just the right number of people for your project based on your requirements and goals. Sometimes, hiring fewer developers can give better results, which is why we do not intend on giving you more developers just to shake some money off of you. It is our common interest to get your product ready for market launch in the most efficient manner and without wasting resources along the way. So, if you have clear requirements for the project, we can give you the right number of people to fulfill those requirements. 

使用贝博足彩app苹果版的web开发价格计算器, you need to be sure you are entering the right number of developers for your project. The best way is to first calculate the price for a single developer in the required category and to see how much the recruitment would cost you. After that, you can just add developers on top of that figure.

So, the number of developers you would need depends on how complex your project is going to be. Complex projects might require dozens of people involved – developers, quality assurance experts, project manager or managers, and testers – all of whom would be taking care of their respective aspects of the SDLC. The perfect number of people involved in your project will be determined in regards to your project specs.

What is the Average Cost of Software Development?

Having all of the different factors contributing to the price of application development, you can make a rather precise budget estimation. 

  • Small-size software - $50,000 and up to $75,000
  • Medium-size – $75,000 and up to $200,000
  • Large-size - $250,000 and up to millions of dollars.

Those are the rough numbers that would vary drastically depending on the scope of your particular project, so we can only give you a precise figure once we have all the specs on the table. What you should also consider is that the majority of projects go over their intended budget because of the changing requirements and flexible development approach. In most cases, projects go over their budget estimations because clients do not have a clear vision of what their final product would look like.

The state of readiness is paramount for starting the project on the right foot, and we can get you there by providing top-notch software consulting services that would clarify most, if not all of the milestones on your way. With realistic goals and a clear plan in mind, we can achieve success on any kind of project within a determined timeline and budget.

Where would your project fall on that price scale? Well, it would depend on what you want, what you actually need, and what you can realistically achieve with your budget. What we can tell for sure, is that we are here to help you achieve great results on your project without wasting your money on redundant stuff. Intersog is a partner who respects your time and gives you the most bang for the buck you have. 

Do You Need Expert Consulting?

If you have no experience in software development and managing such projects, you might find it rather challenging to get the whole thing going and keep it on the right track. Calculating the total budget for the software development project is much more than just adding numbers on top of one another. This process requires a profound industry insight as well as a strong understanding of how to organize the functioning of the development team in such a manner as to guarantee its efficient performance.

Intersog gives you a price calculator to make a precise estimation of how much hiring a development team would cost. However, that is the only precise figure any development company would give you without first knowing what kind of project you are shooting for. The dialogue between client and vendor is the key to figuring out the full price of the development service, and you can contact our consulting experts right away to find out everything you need.

Our IT consulting experts will help you analyze all the aspects of your project, determine its size and complexity, outline the development milestones, and give you a precise development timeline for the project. More so, if you are not sure what your final product is going to be like, we can help you with that; we conduct a profound market analysis, study your competitors, come up with a monetization strategy for your product, and give ideas on how to make it better and more profitable. 

What is the Intersog Approach?

Now that you are aware of the main factors determining the cost of software, we will give you an idea of how we approach software cost and how we put a price on a project here at Intersog.

Intersog experts work with the clients from the very first stage of conceptualizing the product and figuring out the project requirements. We conduct a discovery stage workshop during which we discuss your vision for the project, communicate our ideas, visualize the product, and make a technical evaluation of the project. This helps both us and our clients to understand what it would take to accomplish the project objectives.

Our approach always aligns with your requirements and your budget capacity. Some clients are not limited in terms of budget and are ready to invest any reasonable amount of funding into the project; others operate on a certain budget and cannot go overboard. That is why we design solutions that would fit your intended budget and give you the best results for your money. By paying extra attention to the discovery phase, we can map out the development life cycle that corresponds to your needs and budget capacity.

Catering to the needs of different clients who have varying requirements, we utilize different pricing models that include a time and material model, a fixed price model, and a hybrid model.

The Time-and-material model is better suited for large-scale projects with uncertain goals and budgets. This model allows you to regulate the amount of money you invest in the project throughout the development lifecycle. The fixed price model, in turn, is better suited for smaller projects where you can tell exactly how much it would cost. You just make a one-time payment and we get to work without exceeding the budget. The hybrid approach combines the features of the two models to ensure maximum efficiency.

Can You Make a Precise Estimation?

If you want to develop custom software but are not sure how much money it would cost you, we have all the answers you need. Beginning with a simple tool for calculating the cost of hiring the team of developers and ending with an in-depth analysis of your project and subsequent calculation of the budget you’d need, we cover it all. Our consulting experts will help you figure all of your needs out and our developers will get your project going fast. 

Such factors as the type of software, its size and complexity, the size and location of the team, the time to market, and your requirements and expectations will all contribute to the cost of the software development. You have to consider all of those when planning the budget for your project. The best option here is to get in touch with a software development partner straight away and start mapping the whole project together.

Intersog is the partner you need to get your project started the right way and make sure it stays on track throughout the software development life cycle. We are here to accompany you throughout your digital transformation journey and help you achieve extraordinary results fast. Use our IT Team Cost Calculator and start your software development project with a reliable partner trusted by hundreds of partners across the world.

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