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Intersog is a Chicago-based Swift development company that has been delivering IT consulting and staffing solutions to North American and European partners for over 18 years. We've been mastering our expertise since Swift turned open source in 2015, and we are all set to get your iOS project going.

Global Outreach

Intersog operates globally to provide Swift app development services across continents. We help you hire the world’s best experts.

Unparalleled Expertise

We work with top-tier experts to guarantee outstanding performance. Our dedicated developers deliver measurable success.

Fast Recruitment

Intersog can get you an entire team of Swift developers in a matter of days helping you start the project without wasting any time.


We offer you a list of our top Swift developers, so you can interview them and choose the ones you deem fit for your project.

What is Swift?

Swift is an open-source programming language specifically used for iOS, and Linux applications. It was created by Apple back in 2014 and became one of the dominant languages for iOS development soon after. Being an open-source language, Swift has a broad community of developers around it, which adds to its usability. Its syntax is rather straightforward, which prevents a large portion of errors and improves readability.

Our Clients’ Success

Intersog leverages its tech expertise to deliver success across industries.
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We built a collaborative software development team with Elite Staffing to facilitate the analysis, definition, testing and delivery phases
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Convenient Recruitment

Intersog helps you hire dedicated Swift developers who truly know their craft – we are sure of our developers and their expertise.

Real Expertise

We give you CVs of our best developers and you can assess their skills and find out who fits your project better. You are in charge.

Your Call

Thanks to our global outreach, we can help you hire Swift app developers in your region to ensure cultural matching and shared values.

Culture and Values

Our developers are ready to hop on your project and deliver results as soon as you approve the composition of the team.


We employ a test-driven approach to developing all of our solutions to ensure the supreme quality of the final product.

Guaranteed Quality

Why Use Swift?

Open Source

Open Source

Being an open-source language, Swift offers developers a wide variety of tools developed by their peers. Apple realized the benefits of open source programming frameworks and Swift was given to the community soon after its initial release. Since 2015, the platform went a long way and now it is easily the best tool for iOS application development available to the public.



Swift uses quite simple syntax, which makes it easier to write clean and concise lines of code. The simplicity of the code makes it easier for the developers to prevent errors and improve the readability of the code. Though the code might feel a bit strict at times, it is actually quite efficient and simple. Our developers specialize in writing neat and readable code using Swift.

Safety and Security


Swift is built with efficiency in mind, and it really shows because it has quite simple syntax and short lines of code. Well, it is called Swift for a reason, and it is estimated that it is 8x faster than Python, which is quite impressive. If you need to put your project on track really fast, Swift might just be your best option.

Simple Deployment


Right now, Swift is one of the most popular programming languages, and considering how it is specialized for iOS and Linux, it is safe to say that it gets the job done. If you want to develop an app for iPhone or any other iOS device, Swift is the way to go, and partnering with the Swift development agency is your best solution here.

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Advantages of Swift Language

Safety & Performance
Dynamic Libraries
Full Stack Potential


As said, Swift is a simple, clear, and precise language with readable syntax. It is easy to read and write and is perfectly concise, which results in fewer code lines to perform certain tasks. It makes the whole backend development process much faster. It takes less time to build iOS mobile apps using Swift, which is why it is a perfect choice for when you need things done fast. Less code equals less time spent writing it, and our developers can write that code quite rapidly.


Swift is an easily scalable language, which makes it future-proof. You can improve your application and extend its functionality whenever you need it, and thanks to the simple and concise codebase, it is quite easy to do. Scaling your app up and down takes little time, especially if you use professional Swift development services at Intersog.

Safety & Performance

As the name suggests, Swift is primarily meant to be, well, swift. Made to outperform the predecessors, Swift actually accomplished that goal quite easily. It was reported to be almost 40% more efficient than Objective-C, and over the years, it has proven its robustness and safety times over. It handles errors pretty well too and allows the developers to instantly detect and fix the bugs. Basically, an experienced developer can write, check, and fix the code on the fly, so it saves tons of time.


One of the benefits of Swift is its interoperability with Objective-C, and since Swift has been initially intended to become a superior version of the latter, we might expect an increasing use of Swift compared to its older counterpart in the nearest future. Whether Swift is going to take over Objective-C entirely or not, the two languages are completely interoperable and can both be used within the same project.

Dynamic Libraries

Dynamic libraries exist outside of your code and load only when necessary, and though it might take a bit longer to reach outside the dynamic library because it’s located on the server side, it is still more efficient than a static library. What it means is that each app built with Swift is much smaller, which decreases the memory footprint of the applications. Of course, static libraries offer certain benefits too, so you can also use static libraries when you code in Swift.

Full Stack Potential

Server-side Swift integrates with the vast majority of the modern backend and frontend technologies. Basically, it allows you to build an application completely from scratch without using third-party integrations. Apple provides full support for Swift apps for all of its many devices including Mac, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV. As an open-source framework, it offers some apps for Linux and even Windows devices.

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Partner with the Best for the Best Results

Intersog is a Swift app development company that has been delivering top-shelf software to clients worldwide. Our developers can turn your brilliant and most ambitious ideas into working products, and to achieve that, we came up with a four-stage cooperation model:


We begin our cooperation by defining your business objectives and goals. Then, we devise a plan for the outsource Swift development process to ensure we achieve your dreams.

Development and Testing

Our developers start working on your product and test it on the fly. That way we save tons of time and prevent any potential errors and bugs. Our QA experts also test the product along the way to secure quality.

Product Deployment

We roll out a beautiful product that surpasses all expectations. We work tirelessly to make sure your application is up to the industry’s highest standards and deliver a product that excites your target audience.

Maintenance and Support

After the development stage is over, we do not just wave our goodbyes – we offer you our support and maintenance services to secure the application's longevity and ensure it functions as intended.

​Our Development Process​

Roadmapping and Strategy

You have a brilliant idea, and we offer our Swift development services to realize it and make it work. Share your vision with our experts, and together, we will devise a plan to achieve your goals fast and without redundant fuzz. First, we consider your needs and consult you on the solutions that might help you satisfy those needs. Then, we come up with ways to realize your vision.


We design an aesthetically appealing application that corresponds to your vision and attracts your target audience. Nowadays, it is critical to make an application as visually appealing as possible, and we design an application that looks and feels special.

App Development

After finishing the MVP, we develop an application we will put on the market. Together, we find the best strategy to monetize and promote the application so that you can gain the most value out of it. We keep supporting the app for as long as you need it to secure its proper functioning. This is the core of our Swift development services.

Spend Less, Achieve More

Intersog has been delivering prime-quality software solutions to clients across industries and continents for over 18 years, and we are all set to help you get your project going. Our on-site and remote Swift developers have the skills and experience to realize even the most ambitious ideas.


We do not waste time getting the job done. As a Swift development company, we work fast to deliver tangible results. Unlike any freelance agency, we do not just give you developers, we become your partner, which means that Intersog takes responsibility for the delivery. We make sure your product is ready on time and is up to your expectations.


Besides saving you time, we also save you money. With Intersog, you can save up to 30% of your project budget since we offer teams of professional developers at reasonable hourly rates. Hire Swift developers with Intersog, and save as much money as possible. We offer competitive rates.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our expertise allows us to deliver results on the most complex iOS projects and realize the most ambitious ideas. Since 2005, Intersog Swift development company has been providing success to startups and Fortune 500 companies. We deliver real success, and we can get your project going in a matter of days and deliver tangible results ASAP.

Global Talent Pool to Fuel Your Success

Based in Chicago, Intersog operates globally to help you achieve success wherever you are.

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    Intersog is more than just a vendor who develops web pages or applications, we are a trusty partner who truly cares for your success and the growth of your business. We deliver results, and we do it with respect, honesty, and clarity.

    Trust and Respect

    Your trust and respect are no game for us. Those values are central to our cooperation model, and we want you to be sure of our partnership. You are more than just a contract to us, you are a client and a partner, so we do all we can to help you achieve your goals.


    Transparency is the basis of trust and the most important thing in any kind of cooperation. We share all the essential information with you and your team to make sure we have trusty and fully transparent cooperation. We also share our skills and knowledge to help your team.

    Real Care

    Intersog is here to bring value and guarantee the long-term growth of your business by developing superb software solutions. As said, it is more than just a contract to us, it is a real partnership and we cherish the opportunity to help your business achieve its objectives.

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