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Why Intersog?

Intersog is a custom telehealth software development company based in Chicago, USA, and we’ve been delivering top-notch eHealth solutions to clients around the world for over 15 years. We offer telehealth development services as well as hiring and staff augmentation services for your continuous success.

Global Outreach

Intersog is a global provider of top-quality software solutions across industries and continents.

Industry’s Best

We are a team of 250+ world-class software developers with a strong background in the eHealth industry.

Fast Recruitment

We waste no time helping you hire the industry’s best developers in a matter of just several weeks.

Real Partnership

We do not just code; we guide your project from ideation to implementation and support stages.

Problems We Solve

Software Reliability
Security Concerns
Legacy Modernization
Physician-Patient Cooperation

Software Reliability

Whenever you hire telemedicine app developers, you need to be sure the software they develop for you is a hundred percent reliable. To make that possible, you need a team of professionals who have a strong background in the industry, and that is exactly what Intersog gives you. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years now, and we have just the right tech stack and experience to address all of your needs. People’s health and lives might depend on the quality of your telehealth software, which is why we pay a great deal of attention to making our solutions truly outstanding.


Security Concerns

Telehealth software is only as good as it is secure; you do not want any of your patient data leaking out and ending up in the wrong hands. Here at Intersog, we use encryption technologies to protect your EHR system from any malicious attacks and make sure the information stays within your organization, where it belongs. More so, we make sure all the data regarding your budget, equipment, and staff stays safe too. Security is one of the primary goals when it comes to telehealth app development and we do our best to make it perfect.

Safety and Security

Legacy Modernization

Running your patients’ health record on paper no longer cuts it – it is slow, unreliable, and redundant, which is exactly why so many clinics switch to an electronic health record. In countries like the US, a transition to the EHR is a part of the governmental program to reinforce its healthcare system. The time has come to make a swift transition to the new ways, and the technologies now allow us to make it happen.

Simple Deployment

Physician-Patient Cooperation

The cooperation between the physicians and patients is paramount for a successful treatment, and that is where telehealth solutions come in really handy. This is especially true in times of pandemic and for the patients who might have difficulties meeting their doctors in person. If you want to make sure all of your patients get the treatment they need regardless of where they are, telemedicine software development services offered by Intersog are what you need. Connectivity technologies make all of that possible, and we capitalize on the capabilities of modern technologies to make this cooperation as effective as possible.

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Telemedicine Development Services We Offer

EHR Integration
Video Conferencing
Telemedicine Software
​Billing Software
Workflow Optimization

EHR Integration

We offer telemedicine development services and create robust platforms that allow you to collect, store, visualize, and analyze patient data for better service mobility and quality of care. We develop Electronic Health Record solutions using encrypted file transfer protocols and help you transmit all of the data you’ve collected over the years to the secure server. This can help you establish a logistical network and even establish real-time communication between healthcare practitioners and patients. Apart from helping physicians keep a precise record of the treatment process, the EHR also helps in keeping the doctors and patients connected.

Video Conferencing

Our telehealth software development services include creating top-quality video-conferencing software that helps facilitate physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient communication via mobile and desktop devices. Making physicians more accessible, especially for patients who might experience difficulties meeting a doctor in person, is the core idea behind creating telehealth solutions. Here at Intersog, we feel especially compelled to create software that actually makes people’s lives easier and helps them achieve a better quality of daily life, which is why we leverage advanced communication technologies to establish a connection between healthcare professionals and those who need care.

Telemedicine Software

We develop cloud-based telemedicine apps for healthcare facilities and healthcare practitioner networks. Our telemedicine app development services extend to sharing clinical data, managing administrative data, hosting video conferences and consultations with individual patients and peers, transmitting images like x-ray scans, managing prescriptions, and monitoring the patients remotely. We also help in creating portals for physician-patient communication, which boost the quality of care in remote and rural areas.

Billing Software

Intersog telemedicine developers can also create a custom billing platform that would allow you to chart all your services and charge accurately for each type of service you provide. These solutions will help you calculate the costs of different procedures and automatically calculate the full price of treatment for each individual patient based on their record. This makes the billing process much faster and more convenient as you no longer need to put any manual work and calculations into it. Our cloud-based solutions allow for easy and fast updates and simple maintenance, which equals flawless functioning throughout the solution’s life cycle.

Workflow Optimization

The communication platforms we develop for our clients allow them to establish a more robust line of communication within their facility, which is essential for upholding its proper functioning. Maintaining proper workflows within any organization is only possible via comfortable and timely communication between the involved people, which is why we help you develop mobile communication solutions and strategy for implementing these solutions to make sure each employee in your facility stays up to date with all the internal processes and reacts to the changes accordingly.


As wearable devices become more common, it becomes increasingly important to properly integrate them into modern healthcare practice. While the capabilities of wearable devices are still quite limited, it is important for us to stay ahead of the game. We can help you create a mobile app that connects to the wearable devices used by your patients so that they would receive recommendations depending on their heart rate, blood pressure, and other health metrics that can be identified by such devices. The timely implementation of such a solution may help predict and prevent diseases and deliver better care to your patients.

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The Benefits of Partnership with Intersog

Intersog gives you more than just code – we give you a strong and reliable partnership. Based in Chicago, USA, we provide our services across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East to provide our clients with the best software solutions and ensure their sustainable growth.

Standard Compliance

We work in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) and a number of other standards that regulate the protection of sensitive data and the quality of medical software. All the outsourcing or domestic companies involved with the health information have to be compliant with these standards. We make sure all of your information is secure and all the software is fully functional in accordance with international standards.

IP Protection and NDA

All the solutions we develop for you are yours and we do not sell those same solutions to our other clients. If you work with Intersog, you can be sure your telehealth app, EMR system, or any other kind of software is 100% unique and is not used anywhere else. We sign a non-disclosure agreement too, which means we would not disclose sensitive information regarding your organization to third parties and would not use it after our cooperation is over.

Best Quality

We give you access to a global pool of the industry’s best dedicated developers who offer vast field experience and an impressive tech stack. We work with the best developers to secure the superb quality of the product we develop for our clients. Additionally, we run automated and manual testing of the software we develop for you just to be on the safe side. We value the quality of the product we develop above all else, so you can trust us with your project.

Our Development Process

Consulting and Roadmapping

We begin our cooperation by gathering your requirements and figuring out exactly what you need to achieve your goals. We consult you on the best solutions that suit your requirements and offer the optimal approach to achieving these goals. After the requirements are clear, we begin mapping out the development process and setting up the milestones on our path. This stage is essential for understanding what we are dealing with and where we are moving towards, and once it is over, we can start making actual progress.


Depending on the complexity of the project, the development stage might include multiple phases, but having determined everything during the roadmapping stage, we would know exactly what to do during each of these phases. We transform your IT ecosystem or create a new one from scratch to make sure all of your needs are met. Of course, the development stage takes most of the project’s total timeline and depending on what we are dealing with. Nonetheless, we waste no time and guarantee maximum productivity throughout every stage of development.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality by running regular tests, both manual and automated, throughout the development stage and after it is over. Our QA experts provide comprehensive reports on the functioning of the software allowing the developers to make necessary improvements and eliminate bugs fast and without redundant frictions. Human error is always a possibility we cannot sign off, and that is why timely testing and bug identification is critical for delivering a top-notch product.

Support & Maintenance

Once the development is all over and we roll out the market-ready product, we can continue our partnership by supporting your software throughout its life cycle. Support and maintenance are essential for keeping your system going over the years, and in case you’d need any updates or improvements added to your system, we will be here to help.

Technologies We Use

Intersog leverages its vast tech stack to deliver outstanding result on every project across industries.






MEAN Stack

LAMP Stack








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